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About us

We create wooden house kits and accessories for dioramas, rail transport modelling, or just for fun. We can also make a model of a wooden house for you based on an old wooden house.

The kits are laser cut in balsa, veneer, paper, and similar materials in 1/72, 1/87, 1/35, 1/48, and 1/120 scales. The kits are self-assembly.

For gluing we recommend using glue for paper or wood. Any model paints are suitable for painting the kits - synthetic, acrylic, alcohol based, and more.

Colors and glue are not a part of the kit.

Our offer:

  • We make house kits and accessories for dioramas.
  • We laser-cut and engrave small non-metallic objects.
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    We also share tips and tricks for model kit enthusiasts, including examples of finished models and other useful information.

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    A selection of our products

    We make model kits in several scale categories:

    In addition to buildings, we also offer accessories for model makers.

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    Special editions

    Modely staveb ze hry Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Build iconic locations from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We make customized model kits and as a part of out work we follow the footsteps of Henry from Skalitz.

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    Rychta ze Skalice »
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